Hello everybody,

I am joined here today with Sunny to welcome you to PvPing Skyblock a unique custom skyblock experience that will ensure that our #1 priority is the community, with the initial release of Factions happening tomorrow, we will add-on to the hype and decide to release the beta of #Skyblock @ 7/8/2018 As of today, we have a 50% off-sale server-wide.


Skyblock Map 1 ┃ (CUSTOM Content & Features)

Border System; with our custom-border system you can now identify the corners of your island with a visible border within the server, by default you will have the border however if you wish to change the color of the border to either Red, Green, or Blue you will need to purchase that cosmetic for $10 ($5 from sale) on our store.

Custom Enchantments; introducing our top-notch custom-enchants plugin designed for the community, we vow to listen when it comes to the overpowered enchantments and we will like you to voice your opinions for us to remove/add/revamp any enchantment that you deem necessary of doing so. As of right now we have 30+ custom enchantments waiting to be tested out by the community.

Stackable Mobs/Spawners; you may now stack mobs & spawners on the first map of skyblock which will count towards your Island. The max you may stack your spawner is x15 and the max mob-stack is x1000.

Care Packages; As many other servers, you can receive special packages that fall from the sky by voting, these packages will spin you a random reward, either the...