Hello everybody,

Hello, I am in the most deepest regret resigning as a Co Owner of the PvPing Network due to my relationship with the other Co Owner. The reasons of my resignation are kept private behind closed doors as most of you don't know the situation however most of you do. I am sorry for leaving you all so sudden but i have been having stupid thoughts and having feelings i shouldn't, most of you currently know my mental state but i don't wish to bore you. Me and Sunny will be calling soon to discuss my future here at PvPing. I can add a variety of things to PvPing, whether it being fixing the current bugs which i have apparently caused. I am in the deepest regret to leave but PvPing isn't the server for me. I have been with PvPing from the start of Map 1... i have been with Sunny ever since McRaids. I hate to leave but my current mental state and my friendships with other staff members have changed drastically, i know some of you in the Community will take the piss out of me for saying all of this and about some of the things i say to people. I will help the server any way i can but i cannot work alongside people who take the piss out of me and who backstab and talk shit behind my back. i don't want to say names because i don't want to name and shame or cause an argument.Overall i am debating on taking a back end to Minecraft and working on mostly the Development sides of the servers, recently i have changed as most of you know... i used to be happy and strive to make servers a better place but life has grown on me and has made me change.. i have been advised to take Counselling Sessions and take Anger Management but i don't want to go into specifics. My Discord PMs are always open if you want to ask me any questions or say something, please contact me privately.

Kind Regards,

Hello everybody,

Hello, I am joined here today with Sunny to welcome you to PvPing Factions a unique custom factions experience that will ensure that our #1 priority is the community. We are releasing Map 2 of PvPing Factions @ 21/7/2018 at 5PM EST, we have a 70% off-sale server-wide.


PvPing Factions Map 2 ┃ (Change-Log)

Masks; introducing our new custom feature. Masks. Each mask has a specific item/gain for the player who upholds this item. So give you Haste, NightVision or even Health Boost. There is one downside to this feature. You have to give up your Helmet Slot to use it. These have also been added to the Store. (

Heroic Enchantments; we have added a new enchants to the server similar to Cosmic, we have added Heroic Enchantments. These are certain Enchantments that are better then their predecessor as well as Soul Enchantments have been added. Both Heroic and Soul have been added to /enchanter.

Dupe Glitches; We have patched all known Duplication Glitches that have been reported and have been found by our Staff Team.

KoTH; Introducing our new KoTH Events which occur everyday at 3PM EST. The Captime is 2 minutes as well as once you win the KoTH you will receive 5 OP Random Items.

Envoys; Envoys have now been updated and buffed becuase of the previous map the rewards were weak and useless.

Creeper Spawner; We have now made it so Creepers now drop TNT and not gunpowder to make collection easier.

IP - (can also be reached @